Womens Softball


Every child deserves the opportunity to play despite their economic status.

Our mission, through donations, is to provide the equipment  and league fees needed for children in low income households  for them to be able to participate in organized sports.

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According to the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University, sports activities for children not only offer health benefits, but also offer psychological and social benefits.

Physical Benefits

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle that is more likely to be carried into adulthood

  • Develops motor skills

  • Higher chances of maintaining a healthy weight

  • Better odds in avoiding type 2 diabetes

  • Creates exercise habits that are often maintained past childhood

Psychological Benefits

  • Children learn good sportsmanship

  • Helps relieve depression and stress

  • Increases the child's self esteem and self confidence 

  • Improves their academic career

Social Benefits

  • Establishes a sense of community with their peers

  • Gain better communication techniques

  • Teaches life and leadership skills

  • Encourages teamwork

These are just to name a few of these valuable benefits children stand to gain when involved in organized sports activities!